How long do you need to communicate before the meeting

How long do you need to communicate before the meeting

August 9, 2020 0 By Ryan_Fisher

People communicating on social networks, instant messengers or Omegle and Chatroulette often ask themselves the question: how long does it take to continue chatting on the Internet to make an appointment? In reality, there is no single correct answer, since much depends on the nature of communication, whether the partner spoke about the opportunity to meet in real life.

Several stages of communication

Each stage of communication by correspondence has its own specifics:

• duration of correspondence or video calls 3-14 days. In this period of time, interest in each other is only arising. People know practically nothing about the interlocutors, so it is considered the most interesting. If after this stage the partners decide to meet, then the amount of virtual communication will decrease, and real meetings will become much more frequent.

Since the partners have little understanding of each other, someone must take the initiative to communicate. This will help impress the person. The first meeting does not have to be long. Sometimes a couple of hours is enough to start getting used to each other. After the first acquaintance, people decide whether to continue chatting on the Internet or start dating in real life;

• online communication lasts 14 days – 1 month. At this stage, people have an impression of each other. The partners may have the idea of ​​meeting in real life, but for some reason the long-awaited event never happened. If the correspondence takes place every day, or at least every other day, the impression of the partner should already be formed. As a rule, meetings at this stage are much easier, since people cease to be as strangers as they are in the first stage. In a real meeting, you can continue communication on topics that have already been touched upon;

• online communication for more than 1 month. At this stage, partners often sign up each other as “virtual friends”. As a rule, people prefer to communicate on the Internet for a long time because of precautions, or because of strong employment (for example, work is associated with constant business trips), or people are in different cities or countries.

At this stage, people already have a sufficient amount of information about each other, which means there is a definition of representation. It only remains to organize a real meeting. The only drawback is that all the efforts and correspondence online can become in vain if the expectations of each other are not confirmed in a real meeting.

In fact, each person defines for himself his own terms, during which it is advisable to communicate on the Internet. Before deciding to offer a meeting, you should evaluate your own willingness.

To fully understand whether there is a continuation of virtual communication, it is worth meeting at least once. In the process of real contact, people can understand whether it is worth continuing to communicate in the future.