How to always find topics for communication with a girl

How to always find topics for communication with a girl

July 7, 2020 0 By Ryan_Fisher

When communication takes place for the first time, there is always a pause. What topics will always be relevant when talking with girls?

Films and TV shows

It is a great topic to start a conversation with a stranger. Each spends an evening in the company of sweets and a good film. You can discuss unexpected plot twists, favorite actors, movie genres that are interesting to you. By asking which movie stunned the girl, we can draw certain conclusions about her. Tastes can tell more than words.


To find out a person, you can specify how he spends his free time. This information will be useful in the future if the relationship continues. The guy learns about what makes the girl act and charges her with energy. The source of emotions is very important. A guy who knows about these facts will succeed.


Starting a conversation with a stranger is easier with travel. Where was the interlocutor and where would she dream of going in the future? In which country was she most comfortable and why? Which cities did you visit? What pays attention to during the trip. It is necessary not only to ask, but also to talk about yourself.


It is important to evaluate the interlocutor visually. When overweight, the issue of sports can be rated as a mockery. If everything is fine with the figure, then you can ask about her favorite type of activity. It is important to praise her efforts, focusing on excellent form. When asking, you need to share your preferences. You can talk about proper nutrition and give advice about food after exercise.


These are almost native people for the girl. You can talk about them for hours. It is necessary to understand what is the environment of the interlocutor. Some people like to lie a little about themselves. The way she spends her leisure time can best characterize her. If the interlocutor behaves modestly, but talks a lot about parties in night clubs, then she is disingenuous. A conversation about friends should not turn into an interrogation. It’s better to talk about what attracts you to people. The topic of friendship of people of the opposite sex is also interesting.


A carefree and sweet time, associated with positive moments for everyone. What kind of child was the girl? What games were favorite in childhood? What did adults think about her? The interlocutor will again plunge into the past and feel small. You can share funny stories that happened to you in childhood. This topic brings together in conversation. The plus will be that the guy will be associated with positive and warmth.


Do not think that the theme of ex-guys will be fascinating for her. This will cause negative emotions. It is better to clarify what kind of person she would like to see next. The girl will talk about what qualities she considers to be the main ones in a man. The image will be idealized, but some features can be embodied.