How not to be afraid of a first date with a girl

How not to be afraid of a first date with a girl

May 20, 2020 0 By Ryan_Fisher

The psychologists are sure that girls are more worried than men before going on a first date, because they are impressed with everything that happens, but at the same time they doubt their appearance. However, representatives of the stronger half also feel insecure in their abilities, and the excitement is not directed at the appearance, but at doubts as to whether they can make a positive impression on the woman. Experts recommend a good night’s sleep before the first date, leave fear at home, and, charged with a positive mood, go to the meeting.

Minimum online communication

To be more confident, you should communicate more in real world. Smartphones, tablets, instant messengers and social networks are the result of actively developing technologies, but they do not always positively affect the quality of life. Constant virtual communication over time leads to the fact that it is difficult for people to communicate in real life, and the first date is no an exception.

Such fears are formed due to self-doubt. After all, communicating on the network is much easier, because the interlocutor does not see facial expressions, do not look in the eye, and cannot evaluate the user’s appearance. Dose virtual communication and gradually switch to real one.

Date visualization

It is often said that the representative of the weak half on the first date begins to dream about a family, children and a long happy life with this man, even despite the fact that she sees him for the first time.

In order not to be afraid of the first date, visualize the various scenarios that may await you after this meeting. Think of a date as a pleasant stay in the company of a pretty companion, but remember to prepare carefully. It is necessary to determine the image in advance, to think about topics for dialogue that may be of interest to the girl.


In order not to be afraid of a first date, it is important to be confident. To do this, put your appearance in order. Men are sure that women like it in a natural way.

Any young man will feel more comfortable and relaxed if he likes himself. Determine which things in your appearance do not suit you and try to eliminate most of them.

Masculinity example

Many representatives of the strong half are afraid to go on a date because of the banal ignorance of what courageous behavior should be. These guys are hostages of communication on the network, they completely replaced them with the real one. They are afraid to go into the real world, and are ready to refuse to meet in the last hours.

As a rule, this applies to guys who were brought up in families consisting only of women. As a result, there is a suppressed masculinity. To correct the situation, try to find a model of the correct male behavior.