The art of managing communication

The art of managing communication

November 5, 2019 0 By Ryan_Fisher

Communication with friends, acquaintances and strangers is an important part of our life. Communication is not just the exchange of some information between people. Communication is at least a two-way exchange of emotions and thoughts, and also their understanding and perception.

The Inetrnet as a medium for communication

An important role for communication is played today by the Internet. A modern person has little free time and there is not always the opportunity to spend it on communication with interesting people. That is why the Internet is becoming popular, as this network provides various services and features to make online communication affordable.

Most often people choose such popular services for communication:

· Chats and forums where a lot of people gather;

· Very popular social networks that bring together really a lot of people of different ages, sex and nationalities. A social network is a kind of environment that provides a lot of opportunities;

· Video chats and chat-roulettes. These services are primarily intended for communication. Here you can have fun, joke, get acquainted, fall in love and make new friends.

The ability to manage communication is the key to its success

At the heart of successful communication management is the ability to be sociable. Therefore, in order to successfully manage the process of your communication, you have to improve your own communication skills.

What recommendations can be made to improve these skills:

· Listen to the interlocutor. The ability to effectively build your communication with an interlocutor is more about listening than talking. At the same time, the ability to listen is not only the ability to perceive information, but also to distinguish emotions. In addition, it is important not only the ability to listen, but also the ability to hear;

· Another important part of sociability is the ability to understand the language of gestures and facial expressions;

· For the ability to manage communication in the Internet, it is important to be able to understand and control your own emotions. If you cannot control your bad mood, this can scare away your interlocutor. To do this, you can use pauses in the dialogue and use humor;

· Everything that was suggested above will work if you do not have low self-esteem. If your self-esteem is low, you should increase it. To do this, use direct and clear speech when communicating and express your thoughts and clearly state your opinion. Appreciate and respect your opinion and, if necessary, say ‘no’ to your interlocutor.